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1 Academy of the Rapier IX
Stapled Spine A- No Jacket 
A Society for Creative Anachronism with no publishing data, apparently a collection of papers from a collegium (conference) on a variety of subjects concerned with fencing and rapier. 107 pgs. 
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2 The Journal of the Arms & Armour Society, Vol V, Nos. 9 - 12, March - December 1967
The Arms & Armour Society 1967 Pamphlet A- No Jacket 
Four issues of Volume V. Articles include: 9 - The Unwin and Rodges and other Knife-Pistols, The Tribulations of Gun Founding in the 1780's; 10 - V-Spring Powder Testers, Spanish Miquelet Nomenclature; 11 - Concealed FlintlockFirearms; 12 - The Origin of Mons Meg, A Schiavona Rapier. Light shelfwear. Paginated from 361 - 458, blk/wht illos. 
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3 The Journal of the Arms & Armour Society, Vol X, No. 1 & 2, June-December 1980
The Arms & Armour Society 1980 Pamphlet A- No Jacket 
Two Issues of Volume X. Articles include: 1 - The Manuscript illustration of a Helmet of Benty Grange Type, The Impact of the European Couched Lance on Muslim Military Tradition, 2 - Frizzen or Frizzle?, Guns for the Sultan of Bantam. Both Light shelfwear. Paginated from 1 through 71, blk/wht illos. 
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4 The Journal of the Arms & Armour Society, Vol. I, Nos 9, 11, & 12, March - December 1955
London The Arms & Armour Society 1955 Periodical Periodical A No Jacket 
3 issues of Vol. I. Articles include - 9 - The Sutton Hoo Ship-Burial and Armour during the Vendel Period. 11 - The Helmet found at San Gabriel Del Yunque, New Mexico; An English Hanger or Cutlass. 12 - Scottish Pistols in Scandinavian Collections; Armourers and Gunmakers of the French Crown. All good conditon except for #'s 11 & 12 which have a red ink 'D' in the upper front corner. Paginated from153 to 164 & 183 to 219. Includes the Index for the years 1953 - 1992. Blk/wht illos. 
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5 The Journal of the Arms & Armour Society, Vol. III, Nos. 11 & 12, September/December 1961
The Arms & Armour Society 1961 Pamphlet A- No Jacket 
Two issues of Volume III. Articles include: 11 - The Spinola Sword, TheBombardier Royale; 12 - The Story of A Sword, A Semi-Automatic Matchlock, The Crossbow and Axe, On Fine and Delicate Steel works, A Note on the Last Recorded English Duel. Both - Light shelfwear, a little age darkening. Paginated from 273 through 313, blk/wht illos. 
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6 The Journal of the Arms & Armour Society, Vol. IV, No. 12, December 1964
London The Arms & Armour Society 1964 Periodical Periodical A No Jacket 
Articles include: English all-Metal Flintlock Pistols. Red ink 'D' on upper front corner. Paginated from 241 to 264. Blk/wht illos. 
Price: 9.00 USD
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7 The Journal of the Arms & Armour Society, Vol. VI, Nos. 1 - 10, March 1968 - June 1970
The Arms & Armour Society 1970 Pamphlet A- No Jacket 
Ten issues of Volume VI. Articles include: 1 - Lord Byron's Joseph Manton Rigle?, Egg v. Pauly; 2 - A Pair of Egg Pistols Belonging to th e DUke of York and a note on the Tap-Action, A Short Dissetation on the Bellows Visor; 3 - Contracts for the Supply of Equiment to the 'New Model' Army in 1645; 4 - The Huguenot Gunmakers of London; 5 - Scottish Pistols, A Note on the Hungarian Pallash; 6 - Szczerbiec - The Polish Coronation Sword, ConcerningS ome Features ofScottish Basket Hilts; 7 - Liege All-Metal Multi-Barrelled Flintlock Pistols, Some Board of Ordinance Gunmakers, Some Notes on London-Made Sword Hilts of the Seventeenth Century; 8 - Contrubutions to the History of the Heat Treatment of Steel; 9 - A Late Medieval Hackbut, Setting Up the 16 Inch MK.I Mechanism; 10 - Police marks on Arms of Irish Provenance, A Barbuta at Glasgow - A Problem of Identification, The London Gun Trade in 1747. All - light shelf wear, a few bumped. Paginated from 1 through276, blk/wht illos. 
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8 The Journal of the Arms & Armour Society, Vol. VIII, Nos. 1 to 4, June 1974 to December 1975, Plus Index
The Arms & Armour Society 1975 Pamphlet A- No Jacket 
Five issues of Volume VIII. Articles include: 1 - Notes on Central Italian Firearms of the eighteenth Century; 1 (part 2) - What went wrong with the Armstrong?, A Note on a Tower Armour Pedigree, Armour on a Fresco at Spoleto, The Distribution and Origin of the Halberd in Old Zurich, Some Fireing Tests with simulated fifteenth-Century Handguns; 2 - The Ram's Horn Helmet, Comments on Dr. Borg's Horned Helmet, Notes on Irish Gunsmiths; 3 - The Weapons and Arour of the macedonian Phalanx, Polish War Hammers: Czekan Nadziak Obuch, Notes on a Newly Discovered Piece of Fourteenth-Century Armour, Notes on Some early Representations of Guns and on Ribaudekins; 4 - Some eighteenth Century Ratchet Crossbows, Comments on the Method for testing Celtic Swords described by Philo the Engineer, Part of a Matchlock revolving fireamr in the ashmolean museum Oxford, Additions to the List of English all Metal Boxlock Flintlock Pistols. All light shelfwear, some bumping. Paginated from 1 through 268, blk/wht illos. 
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9 The Journal of the Arms & Armour Society, Vol. XII, Nos. 1 - 6, March 1986 - September 1988, Plus Author/Title Listing 1953-1992
The Arms & Armour Society 1988 Pamphlet A- No Jacket 
6 Issues of Volume XII. Articles Include: 1 - Notes on Some ear.y Basket-Hilted Swords, The Armourers' Bill of 1581 the making of Arms & armour in Sixteen-century London; 2 - The Zuloaga Armourers; 3 - A Sword made Agter the AncientStyle, The Seringapatam Matchlock, Kaskara from Northern Darfur Sudan, Non-Destructive Testing of a 16th Century Claymore, An Embossed Visor in the Kienbusch Collection and Related Examples in the Royal Armoury Madrid; 4 - The Warwick Shaffron, Patriotic Fund Swords Part 1; 5 - Patriotic Fund Swords Part 2, Master Jacobo's Culverin 1517, A Calligraphic Sword Hilt from the Armoury of Tipu Sultan, Arms and Armour in the Jahrbuch; - Mr Lancaster's Purchase - Colt's Revolvers and the committee on Small Arms, A newly Identified Greenwich Helmet in the Metropolitan Museum of Art New York, An Armour by Pompeo della Cesa in the Higgin Armory Museum Worcester. Light shelfwear. Paginated from 1 to 408, blk/wht illos. 
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10 The Journal of the Arms & Armour Society, Volume VIII, Nos. 1 Through 4, June 1974
London The Arms & Armour Society 1974 Periodical Periodical A No Jacket 
5 issues plus yearly index. Articles include: 1 - Notes on Central Italian Firearms of the Eighteenth Century. 1 (part 2) - What went wrong with the Armstrong?; A Note on a Tower Armour Pedigree; Armour on a Fresco at Spoleto; The Distribution and Origin of the Halberd in Old Zurich; Some Firing Texts with Simulated Fifteenth-Century Handguns. 2 - The Ram's Horn Helmet; Comments on Dr. Borg's 'Horned Helmet'. 3 - The WEapons and Armour of the Macedonian Phalanx; Polish War Hammers - Czekan, Nadziak, Obuch; Notes on a Newly Discovred piece of Fourteenth-Century Armour; Notes on some Early Representations of Guns and on Ribaudekins. 4 - Some Eighteenth Century Ratchet Crossbows; Comments on the Method for Testing Celtic Swords described by Philo the Engineer; Part of a Matchlock Revolving Firearm in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford; Additions to the List of English all Metal boxlock Flintlock Pistols. All in good condition with only a few bumped corners. Paginated from 1 to 268 plus 20 pg index. 
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11 The National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art, Issue No:112, July 1992
The National Palace Museum 1992 10119078 Periodical Paperback A No Jacket 
Very light shelfwear. 144 pgs, color and blk/wht illos. In Chinese 
Price: 25.00 USD
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12 Allen, Stephen Celtic Warrior 300 BC - AD 100 - Osprey Warrior Series #30
London Osprey Publishing Ltd 2001 1841761435 / 9781841761435 Paperback As New No Jacket Wayne Reynolds 
64 pgs, blk/wht and color illos. 
Price: 16.50 USD
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13 Barker, Phil The Armies and Enemies of Imperial Rome 150 BC to 600 AD
Goring-By-Sea War Games Research Group 1975 Revised Edition Paperback B- No Jacket 
Roman, Byzantine, Gallic, British, Pictish, Scots/Irish, German, Dacian, Sarmatian,Frankish, Saxon, Vandal, Visigothic, Ostrogothic, Hunnic, Pontic, Parthian,Armenian, Jewish, Palmyran,Sassanid and Blmye Armies - Organization, tactics, dress and weapons. Bumping and a little curling on all corners, general shelfwear. 90 pgs, 126 illos. 
Price: 16.75 USD
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14 Boutell, Charles Arms and Armour in Antiquity and the Middle Ages
Combined Books Edition 1996 0938289616 / 9780938289616 Hard Cover Near Fine Very Good 
DJ slight bumping on corners and top & bottom of spine. 296 pgs, 69 blk/wht illos. 
Price: 7.75 USD
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15 Bull, Stephen European Swords
Princes Risborough Shire Publications Ltd 1994 0747802343 / 9780747802341 Pamphlet A No Jacket 
Some slight shelfwear. 32 pgs, blk/wht illos. 
Price: 10.00 USD
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16 Carey, Jacqui Samurai Undressed
Carey Company 1995 095232251X / 9780952322511 Paperback A No Jacket 
Some slight shelfwear. 80 pgs, blk/wht and color illos. 
Price: 25.00 USD
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17 Cassidy, William L. (ed) Knife Digest - The First Annual Bonanza of Pocket Knives, Custom Knives, Edged Weapons, Old Cutlery
Berkeley Knife Digest Publishing 1974 0913913668303 Paperback C No Jacket 
Bumping, chipping & curling on all corners, chipping on edges, general overall shelfwear. age discoloration on edges of block, sticker on upper front fly. 285 pgs, blk/wht illos. 
Price: 15.00 USD
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18 Crosby, Alfred W. Throwing Fire - Projectile Technology through History
Cambridge Cambridge University Press 2002 0521791588 / 9780521791588 Hard Cover As New As New 
206 pgs, blk/wht illos. 
Price: 19.50 USD
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19 Darbyshire, Lydia (ed) A Collector's Guide to Swords, Daggers & Cutlasses
Secaucus Chartwell Books 1991 1555217265 / 9781555217266 Hard Cover Very Good Good 
A little bumping and rubbing on corners. DJ Bumped and chipped on corners and top & bottom of spine, small tear bottom front corner. 128 pgs, color illos. 
Price: 6.25 USD
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20 Draeger, Donn F. & Smith, Robert W. Comprehensive Asian Fighting ARts
Tokyo, Japan Kodansha International 1980 0870114360 / 9780870114366 First Printing Paperback A- No Jacket Ex-Library 
Usual stamps and glueins, bumping and curling on corners, blacked out barcode sticker on back cover, remnants of sticker on spine, very light shelfwear. 207 pgs, 61 blk/wht illos. 
Price: 15.00 USD
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